AGV Helmets 2020

AGV Helmets 2020

AGV has been a leading for in helmet design and motorcycle racing since its foundation, ceaselessly innovating every area from aerodynamics, comfort and safety to graphics, sponsorship and advertising. Founded in 1947 by Gino Amisano, AGV rapidly won an unrivaled reputation for its innovative designs and materials, tested on the racetrack and developed by the top championship riders, including 15-times World Champion Giacomo Agostini and modern MotoGP legend Valentino Rossi.

New 2020 Helmets

AGV K6 Helmet: The best helmet for any use, made from technologies developed for MotoGP. A comfortable, versatile and safe road helmet for any use, any motorbike and any rider thanks to the same advanced materials and innovative technology used to help world champions achieve the maximum in the most extreme conditions. Everything you need is now combined with everything you've ever wanted.

AGV AX-9 Helmet: The AX9's superior modularity allows 4 different configurations, simply removing the redesigned peak and the ultra-panoramic visor. The lightweight construction of the carbon+aramid+glass fiber shell provides AGV highest safety standards while premium interiors are water resistant and extremely comfortable. Aerodynamics and ventilation reach a new standard thanks to new extractors and the new adjustable chin guard port that can direct internal air flows where the rider needs.

AGV Pista RR Helmet: The helmet created for MotoGP is now available to every rider. Pista GP RR is an exact replica of the AGV Helmet used in races by professional world championship riders. It has therefore received FIM homologation, which certifies the highest possible level of protection, even against dangerous twisting movements.

AGV Sport Modular Helmet: Entirely built in Carbon Fire (shell and chin), this specific structure achieves the same protection performance of MotoGP's Pista GP R in an incredibly light weight construction, combing the highest levels of comfort and safety. Designed to offer 190 degrees horizontal view as the human eye capability, SportModular has been conceived in the wind tunnel for supperior noise-suppression, aero stability and ventilation.

AGV X70 Helmet: AGV invented the fiber jet helmet back in 1954. Over time it has evolved and been superseded by the safer full-face helmet, though only in the racing world. But it never went out of fashion. X70 re-embodies the eternal allure of the original's shape, with modern protection and comfort features.

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