Ducati Canada

Ducati Canada

Ducati Motorcycles was founded in Bologna, Italy 1926, by the Ducati brothers. Beginning as the manufacture of radio and electronic equipment, since then Ducati has produced a range of high-quality, powerful motorcycles with innovative designs and modern technology.

The Ducati brothers were very successful throughout the 1930s in this field, but World War II halted production when the Germans occupied the Ducati factory in 1943. The brothers had hidden many of their machines, but this was to little avail, since Allied bombing destroyed their plant in Borgo Panigale in October of 1944.

Ducati stepped in as the manufacturer of the Cucciolo, which became very successful upon its release in 1946. In July 1949, Ducati manufactured the first complete motorcycle, the Ducati 60. These successes cemented Ducati as a motorcycle manufacturer, and the motorcycle division split off in 1954, called Ducati Meccanica SpA. The brothers owned Ducati until 1948, when hardship forced them to cede their company to the Italian government, after which the company was transferred several times.

With 90 years of Ducai World-Wide, they chose Blackfoot Motosports as their official dealership for Ducati Motorcycles, Apparel, parts and accessories.

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