Helite Motorcycle Airbag Technology Experts

Helite Motorcycle Airbag Technology Experts

The Helite motorcycle airbag is developed, produced, assembled, tested and CE certified in France. The company Helite, based in Dijon, has been dedicated since 2002 to the development of nomadic airbag solutions.

The motorcycle airbag remains one of our flagship products, it has evolved a lot technologically while keeping its simplicity of operation. A lower compromise for an extreme protection gain.
Now discover the 2014 innovation, the TURTLE airbag, another big step forward for the motorcycle protection sector.


Undeniable reliability, ease of installation, and use, in just one clip you are sure that in the event of a fall your motorcycle airbag will activate automatically to protect you effectively.

A generous volume of protection, 17 liters of CO2 at 250mBar of pressure, inflated in less than 100 milliseconds to very effectively protect the vital parts of the upper body and minimize the consequences of a serious motorcycle accident.

The airbag is integrated into a high-quality technical textile to withstand extreme situations.

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