Motorcycle Gear Canada

Motorcycle Gear Canada

In reality, you can ride without motorcycle gear on these powerful machines but we would not recommend it. Our brands have decades of experience in crafting premium motorcycle gear to save lives. It's also important to choose the right gear for your riding styles. Below is a list of riding styles that usually have their own set of gear to choose from.

Sport Bike riders indulge in tight leather apparel for the best tear-resistance and sporty helmets for aerodynamics.  Brands like AGV, Alpinestars, Dainese, and Revit are sportbike riders go-to brands for their apparel needs.

Adventure/Touring riding style apparel consists of durable textile waterproof material so that they enjoy their trip whether its sunshine or pouring rain. Dual Sport helmets with the peak block out the sun on long trips. Although we have many brands that cater to adventure touring, Klim is King.

Cafe Cruiser riders are sometimes the most laid back riders, some rock a full face, others a half-face helmet. Modern cafe jackets are taking the business by storm, like Revit's collection of over-shirts.

Motorcycle Helmets in Canada is law, you NEED one to ride on the concrete streets. We recommend protection for your entire body when riding. Check out all our gear from the best brands in the world.

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