Motorcycle Gloves | Types explained

Motorcycle Gloves | Types explained

The benefits of Motorcycle Gloves is massive when it comes to riding without. Let me give you some good reasons. Pretty much every motorcycle glove is leather, the best for keeping handle vibrations to a minimum. The leather is also the best resistance for sliding on asphalt, which is why the fastest moto GP riders all wear full leather.

Riding styles are important when choosing your motorcycle gloves. If you are a sportbike rider there are specific sport/race gloves that are full leather with carbon knuckles for maximum protection.

Then there are the Adventure Touring gloves, usually waterproof as this type of riding involves long distances and able to ride through the rain with excitement! 

Perforated gloves will always have airflow. It's good for any rider to have these types of gloves as a second pair during hot summer days.

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