Troy Lee Designs | Canada

Troy Lee Designs | Canada

In 1981, a sign painter beings applying his art to anything from airplanes, mailboxes and helmets. Helmet painting beings to take over most of Troy's time and so Troy Lee Designs is born

1986, ever the artist, Troy takes his design talents to design aesthetically pleasing helmet visors to the leading helmet brands. It wasn't enough to apply a custom paint job to a helmet and Troy took on improving design and airflow characteristics into visor designs.

The '90s was the decade where custom helmet painting went to the stratosphere. Jeremy McGrath took the Moto industry by storm in the early '90s and hasn't stopped to this day and has had Troy paint him some of the most iconic custom helmets ever!

Mountain bike legend John Tomac equally dominated the mountain bike racing world in the '90s and showcased speed and style on the mountain and his custom painted Troy Lee Designs paint jobs.

The late '90s was the pinnacle of iconic "extreme sports" athletes like Shaun Palmer who collaborated with Troy Lee to custom paint his numerous iconic helmet paint jobs in Snowboarding, Mountain Biking, and Motocross and was named by USA Today at the time as the world's greatest athlete in 1999.

in 2004, the SE Helmet was the first motocross helmet designed in house with all the style and comfort that Troy felt the Moto industry was needing. Years of inspiration came to fruition and began a goal to this day of designing the best protection for our customers.

Today, almost 40 years of racing, riding, designing and TLD now offers a full range of Moto and Bike equipment for riders of all types, men, women, kids designed to be comfortable, offer superior protection, and look different on the track and trail.

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