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Ducati Lithium Battery Charger

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Ducati Lithium Battery Charger


Ducati Performance TECHMATE battery charging unit for ALL Ducati models with LITHIUM-Ion batteries only.

Models which came with OEM Lithium-Ion battery and are COMPATIBLE with this charger include: Panigale V4S, Superleggera, 959 Corse, Panigale R, Panigale V4R, Panigale V4SP, Panigale V2 Bayliss, Panigale V4SP, Streetfighter V4SP, and any other models which have had a LITHIUM battery installed from the factory or aftermarket.

The all-new Ducati Battery Charger by TecMate, for use with models using Lithium-Ion batteries, is a premium Italian styled device designed to increase the life of your battery and ensure your Ducati is always ready to start at any time.

The battery charger operates according to a fully automatic microprocessor-controlled algorithm. Once battery is fully charged, voltage decreases to maintenance level. If any electronic accessories of the motorcycle should make battery voltage decrease below optimum charge, the equipment will automatically switch back to charging mode in order to restore proper voltage level.

Designed with the approval of the Ducati Research & Development Department, this device can be used with all past and new models that use a Lithium-Ion Battery. Please note, it is note suitable for NICD, NIMH, other types of LI-ION or non-rechargeable batteries.

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