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The motorcycle, it provokes adrenaline, liberty, and most importantly… good times. Whether it be on or off the road, these machines have served us both getting the job done and taking a load off. Given the multiple different varieties of bikes available today, it is apparent that motorbikes have exploded in their popularity, versatility and function ability since the first being conceived in 1885. Evidently, in order to fully understand the magnitude of this hobby’s growth, you must first go back to where it all began.

When German inventors Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach came up with the idea for the first gasoline combustion engine motorcycle in 1885, they couldn’t have had any way to even imagine the shear influence that their machine would go on to achieve. Coined “the riding wagon,” their model was the first of its kind and would go on to inspire thousands of future motorbikes from its creation. 10 years after the two Germans produced their first bike, another German company called Hildebrand and Wolfmuller became the first to mass produce their motorcycles for the public. It was then followed by various similar motorbike manufacturers which began to pop up in Germany, Britain and eventually the USA. During both World War I and II, most of these motorbike companies were ordered to produce bikes for communication and battle with familiar brands such as Triumph and BMW taking opposite sides manufacturing for their respective countries. Fortunately, with World War 2 eventually coming to an end in 1945, motorcycle production for the public was revived and became more relevant to citizens in various countries looking for a more affordable form of transportation. However, it wasn’t until a while later when European/Japanese bikes began to find themselves travelling across seas into America that motorcycles experienced their first cultural boom in the late 1950’s… With these daring machines being showcased in popular American movies, television, fashion and culture, Motorbikes quickly went from overlooked to being impossible to ignore.

European brands like Triumph and Ducati became a regular name rolling down the laid-back streets of California, Japanese-made Kawasaki’s and Yamaha’s quickly began to have their influence on American tracks and American-born companies Harley Davidson and Indian Motorcycles came into the light. The motorcycle has since continued to create its own path through history, because of this, it has cemented itself as a cultural icon that represents personal risk, freedom and individualism. Seemingly the most attainable way to truly experience the sheer thrill and motivation behind why people motorbike is only found behind the handlebars themselves, from there, all we can say is hold on! If you happen to be a newcomer to the sport, welcome! Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone and see what you are capable of!

In the case that you have already been an enthusiast of motorcycles, we can only ask that you continue safely on your journey’s and Enjoy the exciting road ahead! Whether you are a veteran or a novice, there is without a doubt a lot of fun to be had on a bike.

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