AirHawk Dual Sport Seat Pad

$140.95 CAD


Float on air with Airhawk; an arrangement of small pillowed air bladders distribute pressure evenly for truly uniform support.

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The last mile can feel as good as the first, thanks to Airhawk. This pad is designed for the more narrow front of dual sport/adventure seats, and fills the gap when the medium is too wide and the small is too long. Don’t let an uncomfortable seat beat you up. Riding on air will mean that you will have more energy when you arrive.


  • Arrow front to match the seat profile of most Dual Sport Bikes
  • Front of the DS Seat Cushion has been tapered down and away from the rider’s groin area to minimize unwanted pressure
  • Not just for Dual Sport Bikes, it works well with those hard to fit seats where the Airhawk Cruiser Medium and Airhawk R are too wide, and the Airhawk Cruiser Small is too long
  • Poly Mesh cover
  • Dimensions: 11.5″ Deep x 11″ Wide


  • Dual Sport
  • Sport Touring
  • Non-Touring-Harleys
  • Sports Bikes
  • Standards

Note: Before purchasing this item, take note of each size’s dimensions (S: 11.5″ Deep x 11″ Wide) to best determine which size is best suited to your needs.

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