BMW Motorrad Navigator 5 V

$839.00 $699.99 CAD


The Navigator V is a travel companion you can trust. It doesn’t just show you how to reach your destination, it makes your riding experience better than ever.


Thanks to a 5-inch TFT color display that’s larger and
brighter than its predecessor and easier to
read in the sun, you’ll never lose sight of the
bigger picture. Waterproof, Bluetooth-enabled
and easy to use, it houses cutting-edge
trip technology that allows you to plan your
desired route down to every last detail.
You can even use it in your car with the car
installation kit. And to cap it all, the
Smartphone Link provides real-time traffic
updates and the latest weather reports to
ensure that you’re always up-to-date out
on the road.

Every rider has their own way of doing things.
That’s why the BaseCamp1 route-planning
software allows you to create detailed routes to
suit your own tastes. A trip can be broken down
into up to 30 legs. Each of these segments
consists of up to 125 “shaping points”,
offering you virtually endless opportunities for
customization. Alternatively, if you just want
to get on your bike and go, you can try the
“Curvy Roads” function. It picks out the route
with the most bends – because the best road
from A to B is the one that twists and turns.

“Turn left before the cathedral.” You’ll never
lose your way again, thanks to cutting-edge
TTS navigation prompts just like the directions
a passenger might give. The system provides
a precise description of your surroundings
using reference points such as traffic lights,
road signs and buildings. It’s now also easy
to look up destinations on your smartphone
and send them to the Navigator V.


– Dimensions: 5.35 x 3.28 x 0.95 in, robust, waterproof (to IPX7 standard), fuel-resistant and shock-proof.
– Weight: 10.3 oz
-Monitor: 65,000-color TFT touchscreen, 127 mm diagonal (5″), with automatic day/night mode, 800 x 480 pixels, and high-contrast, non-refl ective, UV-resistant display
– Power supply: removable lithium-ion battery, charged automatically via on-board electrics; operation time (when disconnected from power supply) of up to 4 hours
– Operation: advanced mount cradle with four buttons: “+”/“–” (zoom in/zoom out over maps), “Page” (toggle between menu view, map view, compass, trip computer and media player)