Metzeler ME888 Marathon Ultra Front Tires

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The ME 888 or Triple 8 tires represent an ultra high mileage offering from Metzeler that couples long life with Metzeler’s performance and handling. Expect the Metzeler ME888 Tire to be rolled out in a myriad of sizes for families of bikes over its lifespan.

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  • The ME 888 Marathon Ultra Tires were developed in Germany for the roads of America
  • Specifically designed for custom touring bikes
  • Technology offering consistent performance throughout the tire’s life
  • Outstanding high and low speed stability and smooth handling
  • Redesigned parabolic grooves for better water drainage
  • Deeper tread depth for vastly increased tire life
  • Available in a Wide White Wall (WWW)
  • Tubeless
Additional information

Tire Size

100/90-18 56H TL, 100/90-19 57H TL, 100/90-19 57H TL WWW, 110/90-18 61H TL, 110/90-19 62H TL, 120/55R26 67H TL Reinforced, 120/70B17 58V TL, 120/70B21 68H TL Reinforced, 120/70B21 68H TL WWW Reinforced, 130/60-23 65H TL, 130/60B19 61H TL, 130/70B18 63H TL, 130/70R18 63H TL, 130/80-17 65H TL, 130/80B17 65H TL WWW, 130/90-16 67H TL, 130/90-16 67H TL WWW Reinforced, 130/90B16 73H TL Reinforced, 140/75R17 TL, 140/80-17 69H TL, 150/80-16 71H TL, 80/90-21 48H TL, 90/90-21 54H TL, MH90-21 54H TL, MH90-21 54H TL WWW, MT90-16 72H TL, MT90B16 72H TL WWW