Oxford Heaterz Premium Touring Heated Grips

$139.99 $122.99 CAD


Heated grips for touring motorcycles with V8 Switch


Oxford Heaterz Premium Touring Heated Grips

  • Sealed for life
  • Draws under 4A
  • Diameter: 22mm Ø Handlebars
  • Length: 120mm / 110mm

Ergonomically engineered grips surface structures:

  • Thicker rubber for maximum wear resistance and durability
  • Rhombus tread pattern for medium wear resistance and maximum vibration absorbtion.
  • 52 block siped tread for high levels of grip and feel
  • Diamond tread pattern where maximum grip is required
  • Open ended

Intelligent heat controller:

  • Raised and tactile silicone buttons for use with gloved hands.
  • Battery saving mode turns the grips off it you forget
  • Handlebar switch bracket included
  • 5 heat settings
  • Rain proof switch